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Bucs, Carson Wentz, Bill Belichick, Baker Mayfield, Lamar vs. Cam

Bucs, Carson Wentz, Bill Belichick, Baker Mayfield, Lamar vs. Cam

Speak For Yourself - November 13, 2020 - 1:21:57

00:00 Concerned Brady’s Bucs are off the rails?17:36 Should Carson Wentz get a pass this season?30:23 Do you like Bill Belichick clapping back at his critics?39:37 Confident Baker Mayfield will “ascend”?50:25 Who’s under more pressure this weekend: Lamar or Cam?1:00:23 Did Pederson need to defend Wentz from Favre’s comments?1:10:37 Is this something or nothing: Lamar says defenses are calling out Ravens’ plays this season?1:20:30 Uncle Jimmy joins.

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