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Patriots, Mahomes, Steph's greatness, Seahawks, Rams' offense

Patriots, Mahomes, Steph's greatness, Seahawks, Rams' offense

Speak For Yourself - April 16, 2021 - 1:27:05

00:00 How much pressure is on Bill Belichick to nail this draft?15:26 Agree with Patrick Mahomes that “defeat helps you more than success”?28:30 Wiley & Acho discuss the Steelers, Browns, Giants & Raiders opting out of in-person voluntary workouts.40:05 Is Steph Curry’s greatness under-appreciated?56:54 Have the Seahawks done enough to contend in the NFC?1:05:09 Love or hate Dr. J saying the Nets are “buying a championship” like the Yankees?1:14:52 Are you sold on the Rams offense?1:20:42 Is the buzz around Mac Jones justified?1:25:52 Wiley & Acho discuss Ty Mathieu’s cryptic tweets.

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