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Lamar Jackson, Rams, LeBron + Luka, Jason Garrett, Browns

Lamar Jackson, Rams, LeBron + Luka, Jason Garrett, Browns

Speak For Yourself - November 26, 2019 - 1:05:46

-Was Lamar Jackson’s performance last night better than any quarterback has ever played? (1:16)-Who looks worse right now: Jared Goff or Sean McVay? (17:51)-Is 20-year-old Luka more impressive than 34-year-old LeBron? (25:55)-Did the Rams screw up trading for Jalen Ramsey? (36:08)-Will Jason Garrett be fired if the Cowboys lose to the Bills on Thursday? (44:00)-Are you buying the Browns have turned it around with their 3-game win streak? (54:34)-Can the 49ers stop Lamar Jackson? (1:00:50)

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