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Toxic Westbrook?, OBJ on Twitter, KD + media, Kyler's Raiders?

Toxic Westbrook?, OBJ on Twitter, KD + media, Kyler's Raiders?

Speak For Yourself - April 23, 2019 - 1:05:39

-Whitlock thinks Gruden's ego is why he wants undersized Kyler Murray; agree? (00:16)-Would it be a mistake for Raiders to go all-in on Kyler Murray? (4:08)-Will Gruden's ego get in way of Raiders success? (14:03)-IS OBJ overreacting to Twitter comments? (16:58)-Could Westbrook become as toxic as Carmelo Anthony? (27:31)-Is KD too obsessed with the media? (47:44)-Chiefs acquire DE Frank Clark from Seahawks. (56:13)

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