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Luck is done, Zeke's deal, AB's fiasco, Lakers + Dwight

Luck is done, Zeke's deal, AB's fiasco, Lakers + Dwight

Speak For Yourself - August 26, 2019 - 1:07:28

-Does Andrew Luck's retirement say something good or bad about football? (00:32)-Believe Luck is really done playing? (16:47)-What do you think Luck will do if he's really done with football? (24:53)-Was Antonio Brown's helmet fiasco just a hoax? (26:56)-Concerned about Team USA heading into World Cup tourney? (35:46)-Think Dwight will survive season with Lakers? (39:21)-Fans have big feelings about Luck's new life decision. (44:57)-Think Zeke's holdout will drag on further? (55:45)-Starting to believe Dak can carry the Cowboys? (1:00:55)-Think Colts can still make the playoffs without Luck? (1:02:33)

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