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Steph + KD, Too Cool Wilson?, Gisele's Pats?, Kentucky Derby

Steph + KD, Too Cool Wilson?, Gisele's Pats?, Kentucky Derby

Speak For Yourself - May 6, 2019 - 1:04:45

-Does Kevin Durant have anything to do with Steph's struggles? (00:14)-Worried about Steph in the rest of the playoffs? (10:25)-Buying LeBron is really upset about Magic leaving? (11:54)-Pleased with the Kentucky Derby result? (23:43)-Is Steph impacted by KD? (34:16)-Is Russell Wilson trying too hard to be cool? (36:40)-Like how Nick Bosa is handling controversy? (42:03)-Does Gisele deserve some credit for Pats' success? (51:32)

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