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NBA Finals Game 2 preview, Devin Booker, Josh Allen, Jimmy G, Luka & Dak

NBA Finals Game 2 preview, Devin Booker, Josh Allen, Jimmy G, Luka & Dak

Speak For Yourself - July 8, 2021 - 1:28:13

00:00 Does winning a title with a team you started with mean more?19:22 Would winning the title elevate Devin Booker to superstar status?32:09 Should the Bills be concerned that Josh Allen’s 2020 season was a fluke?43:01 Should all NBA championships be viewed the same?53:31 More impressive title: CP3’s Suns or LeBron’s Lakers?1:04:17 Does Jimmy G deserve better from Kyle Shanahan?1:16:04 Which Dallas star will have a better career: Luka or Dak?1:21:36 What was the best sports decision since LeBron’s?1:27:12 Who takes Game 2 tonight: Bucks or Suns?

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