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Super Bowl LV recap, Brady, Mahomes, Greg Jennings joins

Super Bowl LV recap, Brady, Mahomes, Greg Jennings joins

Speak For Yourself - February 8, 2021 - 1:30:48

00:00 Super Bowl LV: Impressed with the Bucs or disappointed with the Chiefs?22:00 What did Tom Brady prove last night?31:46 Is the Chiefs’ loss on Patrick Mahomes?46:31 Who deserves more credit: Tom Brady or the Bucs’ defense?1:00:35 Greg Jennings joins to recap Super Bowl LV.1:13:50 Did Mahomes’ legacy take a hit with the loss?1:19:30 Agree with Gronk on Brady: one of “the greatest accomplishments in sports history”?1:25:10 Who was the Super Bowl “unsung hero”?1:29:30 Uncle Jimmy joins.

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