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OBJ + LSU, Antonio Brown, Tyreek Hill, Drew Pearson, Carroll + Wilson

OBJ + LSU, Antonio Brown, Tyreek Hill, Drew Pearson, Carroll + Wilson

Speak For Yourself - January 16, 2020 - 1:05:28

-What should LSU do about OBJ? (00:32)-Will AB losing his agent help him? (19:16)-Do you have a problem with Tyreek Hill saying nobody in the NFL can guard the Chiefs’ WRs? (30:19)-What was your reaction to Drew Pearson’s emotional video about not making the Hall of Fame? (36:00)-Is the NFL’s embrace of analytics a factor in holding black coaches back? (41:32)-Is the Carroll-Wilson combo the smartest way to win? (53:49)-Do you think anything will come out of the arrest warrant issued to OBJ for making contact with an officer? (1:00:49)

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