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Magic + Pelinka, Zeke's behavior, KD's success?, Draymond's defense

Magic + Pelinka, Zeke's behavior, KD's success?, Draymond's defense

Speak For Yourself - May 20, 2019 - 1:05:18

-Should Draymond be considered part of the Warriors dynasty? (00:15)-Who has had a more impressive Conference Finals: Draymond or Steph? (3:33) -Will Blazers put up a fight tonight or just roll over? (11:53)-Magic calls out Rob Pelinka as the backstabber in the Lakers organization; is this a bad look? (15:59)-Fair to compare Brooks Koepka to Tiger Woods? (27:21)-Should Cowboys be concerned about Zeke's behavior at Vegas music festival? (47:03)-Think KD's success with the Warriors deserves an asterisk? (52:36)

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