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LeBron/Magic, Rodgers/McCarthy, Filling AB's shoes, Murray/Rosen

LeBron/Magic, Rodgers/McCarthy, Filling AB's shoes, Murray/Rosen

Speak For Yourself - April 4, 2019 - 1:05:46

-Think League is rooting for LeBron and Magic's Lakers to fail? (00:13)-Who is under more pressure to fix Lakers: LeBron or Magic? (11:40)-Think Kevin Durant would find happiness in New York? (17:46)-Can Big Ben be a better leader? (26:22)-Can Juju Smith-Schuster fill AB's shoes? (31:27)-Who looks worse regarding GB dysfunction: McCarthy or Rodgers? (40:00)-Could Cardinals get Murray AND keep Rosen? (54:06)-Any chance Russell Wilson isn't a Seahawk in 2020? (56:30)-Better teammate: L-Bell or AB? (59:00)

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-Would Russell Wilson be foolish to sign extension this offseason? (00:14)-Matt LaFleur has not met with Rodgers since being hired; good...

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