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Poppy Harlow, CNN anchor: “I’ve learned how to say no”

Poppy Harlow, CNN anchor: “I’ve learned how to say no”

9 to 5ish with theSkimm - May 15, 2019 - 32:23

Poppy Harlow is an anchor on CNN Newsroom. She’s the host of the podcast Boss Files, where she talks to badass leaders about how they made it to the top. She’s interviewed everyone from Warren Buffett… to Jay Z. And if that wasn’t enough, Poppy’s also a mom of two. On the Couch, she talks to us about how having kids made her more efficient at work (8:00), why she chose journalism (14:03), and that time she interviewed a sitting Supreme Court Justice… while wearing a diaper (22:29). And she takes a call from a very special guest.PS: We’ve been thinking about money a lot at Skimm HQ. Lucky for us, our good friend and adviser Alexa von Tobel wrote a book about it. It’s called “Financially Forward,” and it’s this week’s Skimm Reads. Get it here. https://skimmth.is/2PZ70N5

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