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On the Market: John Bolton, NC Special Election, and New iPhones

On the Market: John Bolton, NC Special Election, and New iPhones

Skimm This - September 10, 2019 - 12:44

White House National Security Advisor John Bolton is turning on his ‘out of office’ – for good. President Trump tweeted that he fired Bolton, while Bolton says that he quit. We’ll break down the foreign policy drama that’s led up to today’s news. Meanwhile, voters in North Carolina’s 9th congressional district are experiencing major déjà vu today. They went back to the polls after election officials called for a 'do-over' of the 2018 congressional race. Also on today’s show: Apple’s latest effort to separate you from $1,450. If you have a few extra minutes, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Please take our survey.

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