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Back to Work: Gun Control Bills, Big Tech Investigations, and Volfefe

Back to Work: Gun Control Bills, Big Tech Investigations, and Volfefe

Skimm This - September 9, 2019 - 13:42

Congress is back to work after summer vacation. One big issue lawmakers could tackle? Gun control. It’s been a couple of decades since the last meaningful gun reform was passed, but some lawmakers think it’s time to dive back into the issue after a series of mass shootings last month. Meanwhile: state attorneys general in 48 states, plus DC and Puerto Rico, are launching investigations into Google’s advertising practices. Also on today’s show: Bahamians evacuating after Hurricane Dorian face issues getting to the US, and ‘covfefe’ gets the Wall Street treatment. PS - GV (formerly Google Ventures) is a minority investor in theSkimm.

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