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Million Dollar Question: How Many of us Have Had COVID-19?

Million Dollar Question: How Many of us Have Had COVID-19?

Skimm This - April 24, 2020 - 10:46

President Trump signed the bill to re-up the Paycheck Protection Program. But: there might be another snag. We’ll dive into why it still may not get small businesses the help they need. Meanwhile: a new study out of New York says that the outbreak may have been more widespread than initially thought. We’ll tell you why that might actually bring some good news to the fight against the virus. Also on today’s show: a survey of artists finds nearly all have been impacted by COVID-19. We’ll tell you how. If you or someone you know is an artist or creative worker who needs help, the National Endowment for the Arts has a list of resources you can check out, including Artist Relief. If you’re interested in helping seniors who need help shopping for groceries, you can donate to Meals on Wheels, which has a COVID-19 response fund. You can also join Nextdoor, where lots of communities are discussing how to help local seniors. This morning we hosted a live online presentation called, “How to Save Money During COVID-19.” We talk about how to cut back expenses, negotiate with businesses you pay every month, and lower your debt payments.

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