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Waving Flags: Hong Kong Protests, Executive Privilege, and Pulse

Waving Flags: Hong Kong Protests, Executive Privilege, and Pulse

Skimm This - June 12, 2019 - 12:46

There were massive protests in Hong Kong today over a bill that would allow fugitives to be extradited to mainland China. Hong Kong is technically a semi-autonomous part of China. And protesters say this bill is really about China exerting more control over them. We’ll explain. Meanwhile, President Trump dusted off his executive privilege card over documents related to a new question on the 2020 census. The Trump admin wants to ask people if they’re citizens. And Dems in Congress want to see the docs. We’ll break this down for you. Also on today’s episode: the third anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting, and C-section parties in Brazil.

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