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Can’t Let It Go: Israeli Political Drama, Debating Pot, ‘Let It Go’ 2.0

Can’t Let It Go: Israeli Political Drama, Debating Pot, ‘Let It Go’ 2.0

Skimm This - November 22, 2019 - 13:10

It was a busy week in Israeli politics, between a US announcement on West Bank settlements and talk of new elections next year. Then: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted on multiple corruption charges. We’ll break it all down and explain how all the headlines connect. Meanwhile, members of Congress are pushing ahead on a bill to legalize marijuana at the federal level. We’ll explain where the American people stand on the issue. Also on today’s show: Victoria’s Secret ‘rethinks’ its fashion show, and can the new single from ‘Frozen 2’ rival ‘Let It Go?’

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