Six Feet Apart with Alex Wagner - May 21, 2020 - 32:12

For a country that loves to shop, COVID-19 has forced Americans to focus their spending sprees on toilet paper and masks. What's happened to that favorite American pastime — shopping — in the middle of a pandemic? Is anyone buying? Are warehouses simply filled with stuff… and will it go on sale? This week, Alex talks to Clare Vivier, the designer and owner of the fashion brand Clare V. Clare discusses how she's handled factory closures and shuttered warehouses. Then Alex talks to Kasi, a clerk at a Hobby Lobby in Missouri, whose doors opened to the public last week. She shares her experience going back to work to sell craft supplies, and whether crochet needles count as essential materials in a pandemic.

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Crooked Media's new series Six Feet Apart with Alex Wagner (journalist and co-host of Showtime's The Circus) will offer a window into the hidden worlds of this pandemic: the chaos and fear, the resilience and innovation — all of which have been necessary parts of survival in this extraordinary moment. Through conversations with individuals on the frontline, from the grocery store to the criminal justice system, this new series will delve into what’s likely to be the defining event of our lifetimes. New episodes every Thursday.