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#606 - One Man’s Trashed Mash is Another Man’s Cash

#606 - One Man’s Trashed Mash is Another Man’s Cash

Side Hustle School - August 29, 2018 - 09:23

What starts as a collegiate adventure in getting around the legal drinking age requirements leads to a mission that turns trash into cash.Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeau

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A daily show for everyone who works a regular job and wants to start an income-earning project on the side. In each episode, listeners will hear a different story of someone who's started a side hustle—along with what went well, how that person overcame challenges, and what happened as a result. The show is written and hosted by Chris Guillebeau, the New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit, and other books.