She Rates Dogs: The Podcast

Therapy ft. Ellie Schnitt

Therapy ft. Ellie Schnitt

She Rates Dogs: The Podcast - October 20, 2020 - 42:22

This week, Michaela’s best friend Ellie comes on the podcast to help answer a wide-array of questions from listeners! Ellie is a Twitter personality and former host of the popular show Schnitt Talk. In this episode, Ellie gives a life update since leaving her show, and they discuss questions like: how to know when a therapist is right for you, if sex dreams mean anything, how to make friends on the Internet, and how to get over an ex in a small town or quarantine. Mat and Michaela give their usual life updates and a quick Bachelorette discourse with Ellie. #TinderBioTuesday, Too Much or Power Move, and more!

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