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Be Our Valentine

Be Our Valentine

She Rates Dogs: The Podcast - February 9, 2021 - 33:26

Get excited because you have a Valentine this year. :) This episode, Mat and Michaela share six kinds of men who would be worse to spend Valentine’s Day with than spending it alone. They also share Valentine’s horror stories from listeners and themselves, talk Bachelor, and rate submissions!

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Welcome to "She Rates Dogs: The Podcast" where the dogs are your exes!! Michaela and Mat are bringing the popular social media page SheRatesDogs to the podcast world— and bringing your worst dating stories with it. They’re focusing on topics relevant to today’s culture and trending issues online, while bringing you modern relationship and life advice. Subscribe and join the SheRatesDogs community to experience the journey and the mishaps of dating men along with your cohosts!​ SheRatesDogs is produced in conjunction with Cadence13.