Introducing “Rubicon: The Impeachment of Donald Trump”

Introducing “Rubicon: The Impeachment of Donald Trump”

Introducing “Rubicon: The Impeachment of Donald Trump”

Rubicon: The First Hundred Days of the Biden Presidency - November 1, 2019 - 00:33

“Rubicon: The Impeachment of Donald Trump” is hosted by Crooked Media's Brian Beutler and launches on November 1st. New episode out every Friday.

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The Stakes

November 1, 2019 - 24:44
The impeachment of Donald Trump is about more than just one president. It’s about preserving bedrock tenets of democracy. With that in...

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The Coverup

November 8, 2019 - 37:43
Republicans are out of excuses, their defenses of Donald Trump have all been debunked by the facts. Slate legal writer Dahlia Lithwick...

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Joe Biden may seal his fate in the first 100 days, when his mandate is strongest, and he makes the early decisions that will shape our country’s future. In season two of Rubicon, Crooked Media’s Editor in Chief Brian Beutler will chronicle the dawn of the Biden era and assess the administration’s most consequential decisions based on the expectations Biden has set for himself and the ones we’ve set for him. This window of opportunity is crucial for all presidents and that’s never been more true than in the wake of the disastrous Trump administration. Each week, we’ll walk you through the latest developments, explain their importance, and analyze whether or not they meet the urgency of the moment. New episodes every Friday.