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#187: The Cartier Killer

#187: The Cartier Killer

Rotten Mango - August 7, 2022 - 1:11:57

It sounded like a new age of crime. We’ve all heard of jealousy being the motivation behind the murder, but this was a bit different.She was jealous that Naomi was a bigger “influencer” than she was. She hated that she was getting all the love, the likes, the follows. She was going to put a stop to it. Her brilliant plan? Have her boyfriend assault Naomi so that she would be too traumatized to work again.The plan spiraled out of control, and Naomi ended up murdered. But this case is far from simple. The boyfriend was the son of Cartier’s Chairman in Asia. As new information came out - people found themselves changing their minds nonstop. Did she really kill out of jealousy? Did she even know?Full Source Notes:

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