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#233: The Ugly Secrets of the Miss Universe Pageant - Allegations of Assault & Rigging

#233: The Ugly Secrets of the Miss Universe Pageant - Allegations of Assault & Rigging

Rotten Mango - January 29, 2023 - 1:23:46

There are experiences that only few will ever have the honor of feeling. Winning the World Cup, winning the presidency, maybe even winning an Oscar. It’s a feeling that feels unexplainable. The adrenaline, euphoria, joy, the release of tension when you realize you’re being rewarded for your work.The Miss USA pageant was one of those brain chemistry altering moments.The two women stood there, holding hands, waiting for the winner’s name to be called.The host announced the new Miss USA for 2022, the confetti fell from the sky, and immediately the tension was palpable. The other 50 contestants clapped weakly before exiting the stage. Nobody stood around to congratulate the new winner.Something was seriously wrong. Let’s expose the dark secrets of the pageant industry, the allegations of abuse and assault.Full Source Notes:

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