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#211: The Millionaire “Human Girl” Collector & Sex Dungeons

#211: The Millionaire “Human Girl” Collector & Sex Dungeons

Rotten Mango - November 2, 2022 - 1:06:02

If you walked into his house, you would be tempted to walk right back out. The smell alone could have knocked you back through the front door. Every surface, every wall, every square inch of the floor was littered with dust. He collected tens of thousands of bottles, empty cereal boxes, trash, magazines, everything. He kept it all. I don’t know how you would find anything, let alone anyone in a place like that. It would have been nearly impossible to know that in a tiny little empty sugar box that blended in with the rest of the trash - there was a note. It read, “my name is Amy help me… I have been kidnapped.” In this house, 5 women were held captive for 15 years, and he almost got away with it. Full Source Notes:

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