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#167: The Deadly Housewives of Missouri (Case of Betsy Faria & Pam Hupp)

#167: The Deadly Housewives of Missouri (Case of Betsy Faria & Pam Hupp)

Rotten Mango - May 25, 2022 - 1:40:44

Pam was a normal housewife, she had a nice husband, and a job in the insurance industry. Everything about her was normal.Except, the dead body in her hallway.She had been ambushed in her own home and shot her attacker.When the police arrive they find the attacker had no ID, but a bizarre note in his pocket, it was detailed instructions on how to kidnap and murder Pam.“Make sure the knife is sticking out of her neck. Make it look like Russ’s wife.” The police were shocked. Russ’s wife had recently been murdered and the killer left a knife lodged in her neck.Was someone targeting the housewives of Missouri?Full Source Notes:

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