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#216: The Locked House Mystery - Was The Killer Hiding Inside The House?

#216: The Locked House Mystery - Was The Killer Hiding Inside The House?

Rotten Mango - November 23, 2022 - 1:06:57

He was the type of psychiatrist that was to get to the bottom of someone’s underlying problem. What was the real reason she thought herself to be the devil’s child?What made her feel like she was so evil she could bring out the darkness in others?And what about those two guys? The ones she was so insistent that they were trying to seduce her? She claimed she just knew they were either going to seduce her or they would all commit some violent crimes together. She seemed scared of her relationship with the two guys.You’re probably hoping the doctor calls the police to report the two men but that would be impossible. Because the two seductive men were her two 4-year-old sons. And soon Sheila would be labeled as a murderer… but what if there really was a man out there to get her?Full Source Notes:

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