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#213: The Sound of Her Hypnotic Voice Turned Him Into a “Killer Wolf”

#213: The Sound of Her Hypnotic Voice Turned Him Into a “Killer Wolf”

Rotten Mango - November 9, 2022 - 1:01:49

When you open the front door you might be expecting a package, the mailman, or even your Karen neighbor, but you wouldn’t expect Greg Marlow.I know you’re thinking the name doesn’t ring a bell. It didn’t either for Cyndi when she opened the door to see him. But there he was, in his tight shirt, handsome, smiling smoothly at her.There were a few things Cyndi would soon find out about this mysterious man on her doorstep.He didn’t show up by chance. He heard her voice and fell in love.They were going to be lovers.He was going to be her one-way ticket to the death penalty.Oh, and he was a wolf.Full Source Notes:

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