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#168: The Real Handmaid’s Tale - 100 Teen Brides

#168: The Real Handmaid’s Tale - 100 Teen Brides

Rotten Mango - May 29, 2022 - 1:27:53

The authorities burst into the room and their jaws dropped. The entire room was completely white. Even the books on the shelves were bound in white leather.But the most shocking was the pure white bed in the middle of the room surrounded by an arc of chairs. As if people sat around the bed like it was some sort of show.Which they did. Authorities found audio recordings of middle-aged men assaulting underage girls while their friends watched. Some victims are as young as 12. There are hundreds if not thousands of victims.What kind of monsters would do such a thing?Book Rec: “The Witness Wore Red” - by Rebecca MusserFull Source Notes:

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