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#111: The Hillside Stranglers (Case of Angelo Buono Jr & Kenneth Bianchi)

#111: The Hillside Stranglers (Case of Angelo Buono Jr & Kenneth Bianchi)

Rotten Mango - November 3, 2021 - 1:10:26

Kenny was ecstatic - he was finally moving to LA where he would chase his dreams. To make things better his older cousin was letting him stay at his house. He would also teach him a few lessons on how to be successful.“Lesson #1: You gotta hit the bullseye. Make it your target.Right between the legs.Always use a wet towel. It doesn’t leave bruise marks.Oh, and Kenny? Don’t chicken out when you strangle them.”The two cousins would be known as the “Hillside Stranglers” and they would leave behind a trail of bodies all over the hills of LA.Rec: “The Hillside Stranglers” - by Darcy O’Brien (best deep dive on this case out there but it is really intense.)Full Source Notes:

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