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#269: 2 Girls Accidentally Killed Kim Jong Un’s Brother Thinking It Was a YouTube Prank

#269: 2 Girls Accidentally Killed Kim Jong Un’s Brother Thinking It Was a YouTube Prank

Rotten Mango - June 14, 2023 - 1:26:24

He was on his way to airport security when the girls came up to him. The first one came up behind him and covered his eyes. She ran off. Then almost immediately after, another woman came up and put her hand on his mouth and ran off.The two girls, who had never met prior to this, had just executed a near perfect assassination. They had a deadly chemical agent VX on their hands that was now on his face. He would die a painful death in the matter of 30 minutes. But more puzzling is - why did he have the antidote to that very illegal substance in his backpack? Did the girls know he was Kim Jong Un’s brother? Were the girls working for North Korea or were they really just filming a YouTube prank video?Full Source Notes:

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