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#286: US Student Arrested In North Korea During Vacation & Mysteriously “Brain Dead” 18 Months Later

#286: US Student Arrested In North Korea During Vacation & Mysteriously “Brain Dead” 18 Months Later

Rotten Mango - August 14, 2023 - 1:25:20

Otto and his tour group were staying at a 5-star luxury hotel where all their needs were met. They had a barbershop, pool, casino, multiple restaurants, and even a bowling alley inside the hotel. They had no reason to ever want to leave.The only strange thing was - ALL GUESTS WERE PROHIBITED FROM ENTERING LEVEL 5 OF THE HOTEL.It was strictly forbidden.But in early 2016 - a guest supposedly entered the restricted floor and tried to steal a poster off the wall. He would be arrested and held captive, and when he was finally released a year later - he was brain dead.All in North Korea, where no deed goes unpunished.Full Source Notes:

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