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#196: The Mortuary’s Serial Killer

#196: The Mortuary’s Serial Killer

Rotten Mango - September 7, 2022 - 1:14:13

Her boyfriend loved a good surprise. Surprise dates and gifts were kind of his specialty, but this one felt a bit different. She was blindfolded and taken into a building.He tied her to a chair in the middle of an empty room. She was getting giddy. He had been talking to her about buying a house for her soon. Maybe, he had finally done it!He ripped off her blindfold and got in her face to say, “welcome to my mortuary!” Her eyes adjusted to the light, and she looked around. Around her were 2 dead bodies of women laid out on the ground. On the mattress in front of her was a woman tied spread eagle. She was still moving.Book: “Love Me To Death” - by Steve Jackson(Such a good deep dive on this case and honestly really dives deep into the terror that everyone involved must have felt)Full Source Notes:

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