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#217: The IHOP Murders - Waitress Willing To KILL To Keep Her Job

#217: The IHOP Murders - Waitress Willing To KILL To Keep Her Job

Rotten Mango - November 30, 2022 - 1:08:09

“Welcome to IHOP (International House of Pancakes), how many people in your party?”Dee had the routine down to a science. She knew what to say, when to smile, when to talk about her kids, when to flirt so she could keep the tips rolling in. Today was not her day though. She wanted to throw up.Her hands were shaking and she was messing up everyone’s orders. She ran to the bathroom to splash water on her face. She reminded herself how important this was. She took out the crumbled piece of paper in her apron that a customer had left for her. It had “$3000” written on it.That’s how much it would cost to kill the man she wanted dead. He needed to die in order for her to keep her job.Full Source Notes:

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