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#253: Psychiatric Patient Burns Down Entire Clinic Killing 25 Other Patients & Staff -2021 Osaka building fire

#253: Psychiatric Patient Burns Down Entire Clinic Killing 25 Other Patients & Staff -2021 Osaka building fire

Rotten Mango - April 19, 2023 - 50:48

The hospital staff were frantic trying to save the 26 bodies that were being wheeled into the emergency room. A local psychiatric clinic had suspiciously burst into flames. Mental health professionals, doctors, and patients were being rushed into the hospital.The doctors focused on saving their lives. They started getting to work on a man that was wheeled in with the others. They gave him compressions, checked his vitals, and went to empty his pockets for safety reasons - and they found something odd.Two cans of tear gas, a knife, and a melted lighter.They soon realized they were trying to save the life of the killer. The man who started the fire and would soon kill 26 people. But who would target a mental health clinic and kill those who were already so vulnerable?Full Source Notes:

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