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#228: She Was Frozen Then Sadistically Lit On Fire While Alive by Evil Friends

#228: She Was Frozen Then Sadistically Lit On Fire While Alive by Evil Friends

Rotten Mango - January 11, 2023 - 1:41:46

The 3 men sat in front of the priestess. She was their spiritual godmother. The one that was to help them stay protected in life.She peered into a crystal bowl filled with water. Her wrinkled face changing rapidly, her eyes darting about, it was as if she was watching a silent movie in the bowl. She told them that bad bad things were happening around them. She saw a spirit.She looked up and indicated the spirit was behind them. The men jerked their heads and saw nothing.“She’s there. The woman. She’s following you, her spirit wandering around, what you did to her… it’s bad. She will now follow you wherever you go.”The 3 men left with chills. How did she know what they did to Kim? They wondered if the spirit behind them was on fire… because that’s what they did to Kim.Full Source Notes:

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