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#140: Murder On The Deserted Island (Case of Palmyra Island)

#140: Murder On The Deserted Island (Case of Palmyra Island)

Rotten Mango - February 17, 2022 - 1:26:04

What would scare you the most about being on a deserted island? The sharks? The thick jungle that is so thick and humid you have no idea what animals are lurking beyond?Or maybe it’s basic survival - finding out how to get water, food, and shelter.The last thing on your mind would be murder right? That’s what the Graham couple thought when they docked on the deserted isolated island of Palmyra.But they didn’t know that they weren’t alone there. And that they would never leave the island ever again.Book Rec: “And The Sea Will Tell” - by Vincent Bugliosi & Bruce Henderson (best deep dive on this case and fascinating perspective into the trials but heavily biased)Full Source Notes:

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