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#189: How a Foster Care Home Created a Monster Predator

#189: How a Foster Care Home Created a Monster Predator

Rotten Mango - August 14, 2022 - 1:10:13

There were always 12. 10 foster kids in the house at all times, plus the two biological children of the Baker parents. 12 kids. All 12 kids would grow up to see some heinous things. It’s alleged that the Bakers would force the foster boys to molest the foster girls in their care. It’s said that the Bakers would even force brothers to inappropriately touch sisters under their direction. Victims came forward to say they were assaulted weekly by Mr. Baker, and they remember being starved as a fear tactic. Most of these kids came out of the foster home as survivors, but one, one child grew up to become the predator. One that would prey on victims where they might be the most vulnerable - the church. Full Source Notes:

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