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#136: “She Saved Him, Can You Save Her?” (The Case of Rebecca Zahau)

#136: “She Saved Him, Can You Save Her?” (The Case of Rebecca Zahau)

Rotten Mango - February 2, 2022 - 1:55:31

You might think her life is perfect. Millionaire boyfriend, $13million dollar mansion, and a cute dog.But behind closed doors it was rough - her boyfriend’s ex-wives hated her, she fought with his teenage kids all the time and spent a lot of her time babysitting his youngest child.One day under her care - the little boy ends up unconscious and is rushed to the hospital. Nobody blames her though - or do they?Because just 2 days later she is found dead with the words “she saved him, can you save her?” scribbled on the door.Book Rec: “Death On Ocean Boulevard” - by Caitlin Rother (Yes, there’s a ton of info on this case but this is the best deep dive you will find).Full Source Notes:

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