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#266: Viral Video Exposed Korean CEO Running Massive “Revenge Video” Site - The Real Life K-Drama “Taxi Driver”

#266: Viral Video Exposed Korean CEO Running Massive “Revenge Video” Site - The Real Life K-Drama “Taxi Driver”

Rotten Mango - June 4, 2023 - 1:12:06

A video went viral in South Korea of a CEO slapping an employee on the face in front of all his employees. Netizens were enraged - but as new details emerged, they realized the truth was even darker.The sadistic CEO would force his employees to decapitate live chickens during company retreats, force them to drink beer till they urinated themselves, he force-feed them multivitamins till they threw up, and shoot at them with BB guns for fun.The terrifying part was that this was just the tip of a very dark, cold iceberg.This is the true story that inspired the hit K-Drama series “Taxi Driver.”Full Source Notes:

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