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#182: The People Who Spy On Us (KGB & MI6 Spy Kidnapping)

#182: The People Who Spy On Us (KGB & MI6 Spy Kidnapping)

Rotten Mango - July 20, 2022 - 1:24:41

In the comfort of her own private living room, Rachel complained about her bad back to her husband. They needed to drive across the border to see a specialist.In Caroline’s place, Caroline argued with her husband about going on a double-date road trip for Rachel’s bad back. Her husband argued it was going to be boring, but he caved eventually.So it was settled the two couples would be road-tripping to Finland.Sounds like a mundane conversation? Boring almost?Then why were agents carefully transcribing every single word that they heard inside Rachel and Caroline’s house? Why were they listening through their electronic devices?Rachel and Caroline were seemingly normal people… why did government agents care to spy on them? And are they listening to you right now?Full Source Notes:

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