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#172: The Cleveland Torso Butcher Serial Killer

#172: The Cleveland Torso Butcher Serial Killer

Rotten Mango - June 12, 2022 - 49:31

They say Lake Erie is haunted. That’s where the “Lady of the Lake” lives. The bizarre pieces of the puzzle started to come together.A 14-year-old girl came out of the lake screaming, she claimed she saw a hand waving to her at the bottom of the lake. A few fishermen pulled up their line to find it tangled with a chunk of blonde hair. Human hair.A ferry operator claimed to see a suspicious bobbing object in the water. He said it looked like a head.What was going on? Why were body parts washing ashore?The dismembered “Lady of the Lake” turned out to be the first victim of the still free “Cleveland Butcher” serial killer.Full Source Notes:

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