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#260: Korean Billionaire “With No Face” Mysteriously Linked To 32 Dead People In Attic

#260: Korean Billionaire “With No Face” Mysteriously Linked To 32 Dead People In Attic

Rotten Mango - May 14, 2023 - 1:19:17

In June 2014, a strange event occurred in South Korea. A man, seemingly homeless, was discovered deceased in an apricot orchard wearing a lavish Italian jacket.Beside him lay a book, an empty bottle of shark liver oil, and numerous alcohol bottles. However, DNA testing would later unveil that this vagrant was, in fact, a vanished billionaire.His passing was so puzzling that many speculated he was still alive, lurking in the shadows. But the intrigue surrounding his demise pales in comparison to the enigma of his life.The elusive billionaire founded a church and owned the domain "," and his name was connected to two of the most sinister tragedies in South Korea.Full Source Notes:

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