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#199: The Evil Twin - Her Twin Wanted Her Perfect Life + Husband & Will Stop At Nothing To “Replace” Her

#199: The Evil Twin - Her Twin Wanted Her Perfect Life + Husband & Will Stop At Nothing To “Replace” Her

Rotten Mango - September 18, 2022 - 1:06:03

John was devastated when he got the call from his wife’s twin. His wife of two and a half years had just passed. Sure, he knew that she had been terminally ill for a while, but that didn’t ease the grief he felt.So when his wife’s twin sister showed up at his front door, he welcomed her in with open arms. She was the only one that understood his pain.They were identical twins, but she had blonde hair, whereas his wife had brown. She was also a bit thinner than his wife. Maybe she reminded him so much of his wife that he slowly fell in love with her.He felt it was natural to connect with her, but he had no idea that she had planned it all. His wife’s twin had been obsessed with their life. Their picture-perfect marriage, their lovely plush house, and she wanted it for herself. She felt she deserved it more than her twin. So she was here to take it. Everything. The house, the husband, and the life.Full Source Notes:

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