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#113: The Pharmacy Killer (Twisted Case of Sheila Davalloo)

#113: The Pharmacy Killer (Twisted Case of Sheila Davalloo)

Rotten Mango - November 10, 2021 - 1:27:59

It’s healthy for couples to talk to each other.That’s exactly what Mrs. C was trying to do to keep her marriage alive. She would come home to tell her husband about the love triangle at work.“Melissa loves Jack but Jack is seeing Anna” can you believe it?At first, it seemed like innocent coworker drama but slowly it got sinister. Mrs. C wanted to help Melissa spy on the couple, hack into voicemails, and even break into apartments.Mr. C also knew all about Melissa & Jack’s sex life. How in love they were behind Anna’s back.But he didn’t know that his wife was telling him all the dirty details of her own affair. Or that it would lead to two people being stabbed.Rec: “Obsessed” - by M Phelps - this is such a good book by one of my fave authors!Full Source Notes:

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