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#175: The Mind Games of The Pick-Me Girl Killer (Death of WePhone CEO)

#175: The Mind Games of The Pick-Me Girl Killer (Death of WePhone CEO)

Rotten Mango - June 26, 2022 - 1:17:60

When he was found dead at the bottom of a building in Beijing - the police found two notes of interest. His suicide note where he named his killer. That seemed odd?And another note - a piece of paper that was handwritten. Where he had promised $2 million dollars to someone within the next 120 days.Could that even be a real contract? Would a handwritten random note be used in the court of law? Why was this successful tech CEO so scared of losing $2 million dollars? Why had he promised it in the first place?The answer will lead you to the person that pushed him off the edge of the building.Full Source Notes:

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