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#144: The Lake Waco Murders (Case of David “Chili” Spence)

#144: The Lake Waco Murders (Case of David “Chili” Spence)

Rotten Mango - March 2, 2022 - 1:18:54

Think about your dog, cat, or any beloved pet. If you don’t have one - imagine one. Would you ever chain your dog up to your chair all day long while you and your buddies watched TV?Would you make the dog beg you on all fours to use the restroom?And if the dog did something you didn’t like - would you ever dream of chaining up outside to a tree in the cold winter night?You wouldn’t dream of doing that to a dog. It would make you a horrible person.But that’s how David liked to treat his girlfriends. What does that make him? A murderer.Full Source Notes:

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