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#98: Mom & Son Incest Killers (Case of Sante Kimes)

#98: Mom & Son Incest Killers (Case of Sante Kimes)

Rotten Mango - September 19, 2021 - 1:14:51

When you walked by her house in the exclusively rich part of Newport Beach California you would never think it holds such sinister secrets. She was holding young women captive in her house and would be arrested for slavery charges. After escaping from prison - she went on to brutally murder and scam her way into millions of dollars with her boyfriend. Who is her boyfriend you ask? Well, none other than her very own son. And just when you think you know her - she surprises you. Book Rec: “Son Of A Grifter” - by Kent Walker (one of Sante’s sons I couldn’t put it down it was so good!) Full Source Notes:

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