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#171: The Southern Belle Killer (Allanson Family Murders)

#171: The Southern Belle Killer (Allanson Family Murders)

Rotten Mango - June 8, 2022 - 1:14:39

Someone was out to get the Allanson family. That much was clear. Someone was targeting 3 generations of the family. But who?The Allanson’s started experiencing off-putting things as if they were being stalked. One family member was in her yard when she saw a man standing there. Watching her. Sleeves rolled up. Pants down - exposing his private parts. She ran inside.Another family member found sugar dumped into the gas tank of his car. Another member reached into her fridge and pulled out a funky jar of milk. Someone had snuck in and put formaldehyde into the milk.Whoever wanted them dead - would stop at nothing. 2 would be dead. Another 2 nearly dead.Full Source Notes:

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