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#239: The Whole High School Covered For A Killer For 20 Years- Case of Melanie Paquette

#239: The Whole High School Covered For A Killer For 20 Years- Case of Melanie Paquette

Rotten Mango - February 22, 2023 - 1:19:58

The 20 year high school reunion was a big deal for these friends. They had all grown up, started their own families, but one thing has always united them. Their oath of silence. Their oath of protection.Everyone sat down at their seats but their smiles quickly faded once they saw the empty chair next to them. They were reminded again of their friend who was not with them.What happened? Had they died? Had they moved abroad?No.They were in jail - for murder.The friends covered for them for over 20 years.Why?Because the victim deserved it.Full Source Notes:

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